Elroy Huynh

Hi. I'm Elroy Huynh.

I currently work in healthcare logistics management,
using data analytics and visualizations to tell stories
and create solutions.

I also brew delicious coffee.

Learn About What I Do

Here's all the stuff I do.

(Please note, this is not a comprehensive list!)

Healthcare Logistics

I use location and GPS data to optimize the delivery of 5,000 medical supply and RX deliveries per month.


I use Excel, SQL, Tableau and R to clean and transform data into valuable insights and business intelligence.

Help Stakeholders

I develop and execute solutions for all stakeholders including patients, RNs, RPHs, and enterprise teams.


Yes, seriously. Great coffee is the lifeblood of a data analyst. If you hire me, I'll brew you a cup. You won't go back to Starbucks!

Here are some projects I've worked on recently.

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